If you’ve experienced a dental emergency as the result of an injury, quick action from a dentist is necessary to restore your oral health and ensure that all parts of your treatment are handled appropriately. At the Botsford Dental, we provide emergency dentistry in Medford, OR to care for patients who are dealing with pain and aesthetic compilations caused by accidental physical injury.

Post-Injury Emergency Dental Services

Our dentist and team are skilled in all aspects of dentistry that are vital to restoring your health and the appearance of your smile after damage to teeth and soft tissue.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, sports injury, or a spill that cracked or knocked teeth, or otherwise caused serious dental problems, we provide the care you need, which includes billing medical insurance and other insurances, such as home and automobile insurance. Our team is highly experienced in this process. In cases of complex accident or injury, medical insurance should typically be billed first to ensure that you get access to all of the care you need for improved health and well being.

Dr. Botsford offers services that are especially helpful after teeth have been compromised, which include:

CEREC Same-Day Crowns – If you have a severely damaged tooth, Dr. Botsford can provide a new and aesthetically pleasing dental crown in just one appointment. After only an hour, you can enjoy a beautifully repaired smile.

Composite Bonding – Whether you’ve taken a spill or bitten into something hard, chips and cracks on teeth can create risk for infection, not to mention negatively impacting your appearance. With chair-side dental bonding, Dr. Botsford can repair your tooth quickly and efficiently. The composite resin used in this procedure is customized to match the shade of your natural teeth.

Teeth Replacements – Dr. Botsford utilizes dental implant prosthetics and partial dentures to replace teeth that have been loosened or lost entirely after an accident. These treatments help restore full dental function and aesthetics.

Trained in Maxillofacial Dental Care

With knowledge and experience in the maxillofacial field, Dr. Botsford can examine your smile to determine medical and dental compilations of your injury. Any conditions diagnosed that relate to disease of the mouth and jaw, which contribute to severe dental problems, can be considered when insurance is billed. If you have medical insurance, but do not have a dental plan, it may be possible to seek coverage under the more diverse benefits of your primary medical plan. Our goal is to work side-by-side with patients to navigate the complexities of insurance on their behalf.

Don’t Wait – Contact our Office in Medford, OR

After an accident where teeth have been damaged, seeking immediate treatment is an important part of protecting your dental health. Whether you have broken teeth and prosthetics, a loose tooth, or a tooth that was knocked out entirely, our Medford, OR,  dentist can help with emergency services to suit your needs. Contact us today!